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 Getting Around

Getting around the Inner Harbor is a breeze and there are many options.  From walking to water taxi's we'll cover it all.

Walking - If your docked downtown just about everything you'll need is within walking distance.  But if you want to get to another area you'll have to find transportation.  Each area of the Harbor can keep you busy for a day or more so you might find walking is fine.  Check out this Walking Guide of Baltimore.

Dinghy - Our preferred mode of travel.  A dinghy can take you anywhere you need to go around the entire Harbor.  Since you're in the 6 knot zone it doesn't get too rough, but you still might get splashed due to all the boat traffic.  Also, be careful when tying up around the Harbor, never tie up to a red cleat or where it is posted no docking.  The rates for tying up a dinghy are the same for a regular boat.

The only official free dinghy docking is on the inside of the water taxi stand in front of the Torsk submarine.  Even though it is posted No Docking the Inner Harbor Dock Master has confirmed it is still ok for dinghy's to dock there.  Space is extremely limited here.

Kayak - If you like to paddle the Harbor is a great place for it, just be safe as it is a very busy Harbor.

Bicycle - A bike is a nice mode of travel but the tourist areas, around the pavilions, are really busy and bike riding in these areas is not allowed.  Be careful riding on the city streets and wear a helmet.

Water Taxi - If you don't have a dinghy this is probably the best way to get around the entire Harbor.  With stops by most attractions and inexpensive all day fares it really can't be beat.  Click Here to check out their website and get current fares, schedules and route maps.  Be prepared, it can take a while to get to some stops if you have to switch boats.

Regular Taxis - If you're in a hurry there are always regular taxis.
Raven Cab Company - 410-945-2212
Checker Cab Company - 410-235-0300
Yellow Cab Company - 443-874-8035

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